“Why Not You” A 31 Day Empowerment Guide – Book Review

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut? Where days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and before you know it, none of your goals are completed. Lets be honest, we have all been there. Life just keeps moving and going and we are lost in the moment and forget the big picture.

In these moments its nice to find something that we can go to, to motivate and inspire us to get back on track. This past July I needed some encouragement and decided to try out a guide by K. Amelia called “Why Not You” A 31 day empowerment guide.

Each day in July I started my morning reading the guide, and each day I became more and more confident in who I am and what I am trying to achieve in life. I particularly loved that there was a specific focus for each week. For Example; Week 1 focused on, “Overcoming Resistance & Doubt.”

Each day within the week carried on the theme of the week by giving tools and reminders to empower the reader. I found the focus of each day to be relatable in the sense that the book was providing encouragement to change my thought process without being too over bearing.

My biggest pet peev with motivation books is that they can feel like they are talking down to you or assuming your situation. K. Amelia was able to play on the fine line of empowering and not judging in the guide.

My favorite week was week 3: Acceptance & Integration, I loved the week so much that I must share each days focus with you!

Day 15: I have a clear mind
Day 16: I strive to be the best I can be
Day 17: I have Purpose
Day 18: I am proud of everything I am
Day 19: I accept who I am
Day 20: I love myself
Day 21: I have unlimited possibilities
With each focus of the day, K. Amelia gives us tools and reasons why and how we can integrate the daily focus into our own lives. For example, here is an expert from Day 15: I have a clear mind:

“Although it may seem like we are bombarded with life’s burden we can set time aside to clear our mind. In the similar way that we take a day out the week or weekend to clean our homes, cars, and garages; we can take time to escape from our thoughts. You realize just as soon as you’ve cleaned your car or home that you have great relief and you feel a sense of freedom. The sooner we decide to get rid of clutter, the freer we are.”

K. Amelia ability to not only encourage but give examples and reminders is the real glue that brings one the feeling of empowerment. With each day I could feel her rooting for me and wanting the best for me. There was an authentic connection and gradual growth within the guide that made it not only easy to stick to, but also a very smooth read.

I personally recommend this guide to anyone that needs that extra boost to get back on track!

The guide is now available on amazon!

Here is the link to get your copy today: “Why Not You”  An Empowerment Guide

The guide helped me in so many ways and I look forward to hearing how it has empowered your life!

Also to learn more about the author K. Amelia, her Instagram is: Kayiadore


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