Travel Tips From a Young Jet Setter Feat Myra Hollis

Traveling the world is on most peoples bucket list, but these days more and more people are traveling sooner than later.

Today we get the inside scoop on traveling the world from a young educated woman perspective, by the name of Myra Hollis. Ms. Hollis recently graduated from college and is known as a jet setter by many. Not only did she graduate college,  but she has been accepted to a master program, and she is the founder of FEM Scholar, a non-profit organization that encourages, helps and motivates young girls to get a higher education.

Even with a full plate of responsibilities she makes the time to travel the world!

The following is Myra Hollis prospective on traveling the world.

Q: What countries have you been to?

I have been to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Cuba, Canada, and Thailand.

Q: What misconception about traveling over seas do you hear the most?
I have been told every place I was going to was going to be dangerous. NONE of which were dangerous, or at least they didn’t seem like it. I stayed out til 4 to 5 am most nights and traveled by foot. In some of the countries I was helped by locals to get home, nothing happened tome. I even still talk to some of those people.

Q: What has been your biggest traveling fail?
I never pack correctly lol. For Thailand I forgot bug spray, for puerto rico, I over packed and my suit case fell apart, in the Dominican I packed jeans when I should’ve packed shorts. I can go on and on, something always happens with me.

Q: What is the hardest lesson traveling has taught you?
Do my own research and trust my own instinct. I listened to people who told me to convert my money to the Canadian dollar when going to Cuba, only to go to Cuba and find out the US dollar was higher. It is impossible to pull money out there, I was STRUGGLING.

Q: What country or countries left the biggest impact on your life? And why.

The Dominican Republic was the first country I really immersed myself in. I volunteered with children who have nothing and created jewelry with women who had escaped from prostitution and domestic violence. What I saw here left me at a lost for words, some days my heart was hurting from what I saw.

Not all days were like this, I just really learned I don’t want to go to visit other countries and not interact with the people. That is not a real experience of being present and really taking on what the country has to offer.
How has traveling effected the way you see the world?

Traveling has effected the way I spend my money. Why buy a bunch of stuff (i.e: clothes, shoes, etc) when that money can be spent on memories. Or better yet you can help a family in a foreign country by buying them dinner. I barely even buy souvenirs, I give that money to the kids asking for food.

Q: What are a few tips for traveling to other countries?
Go to as many local cities as you can, who knows when you will be back! Do not jump to buy things, plenty of souvenirs will look alike but you want to first find the cheapest price or bargain til you can’t bargain anymore.

Q: What country were you the least impressed by and why?
Puerto Rico, although I loved the rainforest and museums. I was there for 3 days and felt like I did everything by the 2nd day. All I did the third day was read a book on the beach because I ran out of things to do.

Q: For someone traveling out of the country for the first time, where do you recommend they go first?
Although I hate cruises, I would recommend it because it ensures food and a place to sleep which can be hard when going somewhere foreign. So anywhere a cruise takes you. OR somewhere that speaks your language. Most countries I went to spoke Spanish, and although I’m not good at Spanish at all, I honestly don’t care and I still tried. Just from me trying I was able to get around.

Q: What countries are next on your list?

Belize, Africa, United Kingdom, and Italy.

Q: What advice do you have for a first time traveler that’s going over seas?
Do not listen to the opinion of those who have not been where you are going. It can hold you back.


We are officially ready to travel the world!

I hope todays article encourages you to make plans to see the world, sooner than later!

Here are a few photos of Myra from around the world.















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