The Art of Trusting Self Feat. Dare Humanity Inc., CEO/Founder Kia Harris

It comes a time in everyone’s life where we realize that we have the option to trust ourselves. From the gut feeling to our intuition, it seems our instincts are the leading push that brings us to the crossroad of trust.

To go more in depth on this topic, we had the opportunity to speak to the CEO/founder of Dare Humanity Inc, Kia Amelia Harris.

Dare Humanity Inc is all about inspiring people globally to cultivate humanity.

Dear Humanity Inc, states: “(We) aspires to bring together people from all over the world to one place that they consider home. A home where you can have someone who listens, a home where you are understood, a home where you can be completely you, a home where there is no judgment. It is a place where you can write about your life concerns. It is a place where you can share your story. Or it is simply a place where you can vent and have someone to talk to.”

The organization also has events that not only inspire & empower the community, but also educates the community.

The following is the interview with Kia Harris.  

What inspired you to start Dare Humanity Inc?

Do you have the desire to be limitless? I do. I already am! I knew that I wanted to start a nonprofit and what the goals of the nonprofit would be but I didn’t know when to start. Society says when you reach a certain age you can do this, you can do that. I decided now was the time! At 24, I started Dare Humanity, Inc. because 24 is when I felt I was ready. I had the ideas, the knowledge, the support and I made a choice to make things happen now so that when I’m in my 30s I will have access to the abundance of success. Dare Humanity, Inc. is about empowering individuals internationally through enlightenment, motivation, education and health. If you look at the goals of Dare Humanity, you will see me, Kia Harris and it is such a joy to be painting my masterpiece. I want as many opportunities to be of service to others and Dare Humanity is my portal.


What motivates you to want to inspire others? 

Everyone needs someone. As much as the obstacles in the world that may get in our way and maybe even our pride, we need each other. So why deprive ourselves of the gift we can give to others as well as receive? I want to speak to, bless and positively influence millions of individuals around the world who are struggling with their self-worth or have reached rock bottom and don’t know which way to turn or just want to have a voice. I’ve been there and I know what it feels like to be drowning in a dark hole and hoping to break the surface to get to the light. I didn’t realize I was a light, I am the light and I want millions of individuals to see that too.


How do you define trusting yourself?

I would define it as being completely you! No matter how crazy, sensitive, overconfident or even bold you may be perceived to be, that’s you, all of you. So be that crazy, sensitive, overconfident bold being and wear yourself proud! Someone out there is looking for something you have.


At what point in your life were you able to trust yourself? 

I was able to trust myself when I decided to be a physician. For years, I had my mind set on being a physician assistant (P.A.). I even applied to schools after my undergrad and didn’t get accepted. At that time, I was unaware of my worth and that I could be limitless so I chose to settle. In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to participate in an internship that allowed me to shadow various physicians and healthcare professionals that opened my eyes to what I am capable of. After the internship, I shifted my dreams to becoming a physician and I believe that internship was God’s confirmation. Trust yourself to know that you are powerful beyond measure and you are limitless.

Finish the Sentence: 

Trusting Self starts when  you are open to awakening the giant within.

We have Giants within all of us that are waiting to be released, waiting to be activated so that we can achieve our full potential.

I am able to trust myself because  I am a queen.

We are all queens and kings and we are powerful beyond measure. We’re human, we make mistakes, we have flaws but that’s what makes each one of us so fascinating.


When was a time you decide to trust yourself over what others wanted you to do? 

In 2015, I worked freelance as a language instructor and model. My income was based on my freelance work whether I had four clients or one. It was difficult managing my bills when I didn’t know how much I would make each week, but I was happy. I didn’t want to settle for just any part-time job. I wanted to do something I loved and I met amazing people along the way. I was able to trust myself despite the hardships because I knew God would carry me.



What do you believe is the first step towards being able to trust yourself?

The first step towards being able to trust yourself is allowing YOU to come out. We should honor ourselves by being exactly who we are and be proud of our crowns! Find yourself, get to know yourself and love yourself! With knowledge of self comes trust of self.


What would you like those that don’t trust themselves to know? 

YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE! You’re a queen/king so wear your crowns proudly! The wind may blow, the jokers may laugh but always remember to fix your crown, stand tall and know yourself, trust yourself, awaken the giant within.

Trusting oneself doesn’t happen over night and is often relearned throughout our lives. Each stage of our life requires a new level of trust. We can expect that with more confidence in ourselves, the more we can trust oneself. 

A very special thank you to Kia Harris for being open and willing to talk about such a powerful topic.


Kia Amelia Harris


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