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How do we stay motivated? This is a question I often receive. The truth is motivation is a lifestyle. The books  we read, the shows we watch and the events that we attend all effect how motivated we can be.

At least once a month it’s important to attend an event that’s sole purpose is to encourage, inspire and motivate others.

This past weekend I attended the Summer Soiree event by Sip and Dream Inc, and not only was it encouraging, inspiring and motivating, but they also gave tools and recommendations on business, branding & life.

The founder of Sip and Dream, Chiana Jenell, started the networking event as a hobby that has now turned into a “full-blown company producing empowerment, business, and networking events throughout Los Angeles.” Chiana states that her goal is to help as many people as she can bring their dreams to life. It was very obvious in Chiana’s mannerism that she cared deeply about the woman attending the event by greeting every guest and openly conversing with everyone. She created an authentic safe place for everyone to be themselves.

The event started with painting powerful messages on pink canvasses from Baby Ink Bizz, which was something I was really looking forward to doing. You can see my drawing below, don’t judge me, I tried. Lol

Next, we had an ice breaker opportunity where we got out of our seats and walked around the area and introduced ourselves to each other. It was nice to get to say hi to each individual personally with an added hug or hand shake. From there we did formal introductions where we stood up, said our names, and shared the type of industry we work in.

Then the really good stuff started!!! The two guest speakers were Nichole Lynel & Austin Belisle.

Nichole Lynel is a mogul in the making; she can take her idea and bring it to life. Nichole is mostly known as one of the owners of House of Chic, an online clothing boutique, but she has now added many titles to her name, which include; a motivational speaker, clothing designer and consultant to many young girls around the world.

But it wasn’t always that way, at the Sip and Dream event Nichole shared that when she was 30 years old as a cocktail waitress she made the decision. A decision that she knew that one day she was going to have to make. She quit her job as a waitress and went after her true passion which is fashion. The first year the online boutique, House of Chic made a million dollars. Nichole shared that what lead to the store to have major success was “Amazing content consistently.” She recommends using social media has a driving force for ones business. Stating that we can use social media to tell a story that can increase others engagement into our business.

Nichole was very relatable and honest with her business experiences. I found her honesty to not only be inspiring, but motivated me to take her advice. Nichole has proven that if we put consistent actions behind our ideas then we too can achieve success.

Austin Belisle, who I have named as “The Game Changer,” is a graphic/web designer and creative director for one of the top design agencies in the world, Verge Collective. He specializes in helping establish businesses and start-ups with the purpose of bringing their vision to life. Austin also started his own design agency specifically to help smaller business look more professional.

I had the opportunity to seat down with Austin and go more in depth about the tools his agency provides. When it comes to designing ones brand, Austin states that we should have a clear view of who our consumer is. That we should know exactly who our client is so that we can specifically design with the client in mind. With the need for consistency on social media, Austin also provides visuals for his clients for the whole month, which allows that client to publish consistent content online.

When it comes to growing your brand, Austin recommended taking a competitive analysis of your competition, obtaining feedback from the consumer and to be completely emerged into your industry. Following theses tips allows one to stay on track for creating the best fit visuals for the brand and the client.

Austin perspective on branding was very refreshing and easy to adapt to. I found his suggestions to make me think deeper into the visuals that my business provides and how I too can use visuals to connect with my clients.

One of my favorite parts about the Sip and Dream event was that it was designed to be a more intimate event. There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of people which really allowed the guest to connect and network without feeling pressured to meet a lot of people. The guests were open about the different struggles which really allowed all of us to learn a variety of solutions to business struggles.

I can’t wait to go to the next Sip and Dream event!!!!

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Here are a few photos from the event captured by: Alexander Seyum ( @carnival_pictures)
sipphoto1 sipphoto2 sipphoto3 sipphoto4 sipphoto5




I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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  • Reply Michelle Morris August 23, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    I really enjoyed the event and all the support was incredible. So many beautiful entrepreneurs sharing and exchanging valuable information. Your article highlighted some of my favorite moments. Thank you for putting this into words.

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