Samantha Sophia – Dedicated to Living the Dream

This is such an emotional post for me, but I’m so excited to share my friend Samantha Sophia with you!

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see Samantha grow in the modeling industry. As many of you know, the modeling industry is not forgiving. The industry never holds back and it takes a very strong person to preserver. Samantha has seen it ALL in the fashion industry, but through it all she stuck it out, stayed dedicated to her craft and is now booking major brands!

From the first time we met at a photoshoot, I knew Samantha had what it takes to make it in the fashion industry. As I’ve gotten to know her over the years, I know that there is no stopping her! She is a very well rounded person.Β Many don’t know that Samantha was an athlete in high school, graduated from college and is an amazing media host.

It was only right that I reached out to her to share her thoughts on being dedicated. Without further ado, here is an interview with the amazing Samantha Sophia. Enjoy!


What or who inspired you to become a model?

I remember growing up my mom would always keep magazines in the house, Vogue, Elle, Shape, etc. I would browse and gaze over the glossy pages in awe! The colors of the images, the women, the cool clothing, everything about it made it seem so appealing to me. I loved reading magazines! Then when I was shopping with my grandma at 13 and barely able to make it into the Junior size clothes because when you’re younger you always want to be older and do what the older kids do haha! I would go in to the GUESS section in the department stores and just look at these captivating images of Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, and I knew I wanted to be just like them. I was so inspired by how timeless and iconic these woman looked, mysterious, alluring and elegant. It’s so crazy because recently I received the opportunity to work with my dream client GUESS! LITERALLY A DREAM COME TRUE!

What is it about modeling that you love?

Modeling allows my creative and artistic side to come into fruition. It’s a lot similar to acting where I can play a role or character- it’s really true, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I like my images to provoke a thought, image, memory, sound or emotion. Modeling is fun and I have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people who turn into friends and family!

How have you managed to be consistent in an industry that is always changing?

Being consistent is easy. Either you’re consistent or not. There’s no in between. You do or don’t. I apply that rule to all aspects of my life. In order to be persistent you must be persistent, consistent, and open to change! The world is constantly evolving and if you can adapt and still leave your own mark you will be successful.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself?

I learned to always ask for what you want. So many people wait around for an opportunity, or are afraid to ask for help. I believe in putting all doubts aside, and just do it! I learned that I am stubborn and never give up no matter how many times I get rejected! haha! I also love to push my own limits and boundaries, and when people try to place me in a box I love to surprise them. πŸ™‚

What are some of the pros and cons of being a model?


-Meet new friends
– Get to play real life dress up!
– Create
– Fun
– Learn more about yourself with each shoot (learn more angles, learn better beauty and hair tricks from the team)
– Promotes a healthy lifestyle (well this one might be taken the wrong way since there’s so much controversy with modeling and health, however for me it’s helped me stay in shape post my ex. division 1 collegiate athlete days! lol)
– Travel!


– Having to keep same measurements- okay I’m a Curve model so it’s still hard! Woman + Hormones = changing body! lol
– Sometimes super early call times at like 4am!
-Nothing much else!! haha I love modeling ! So I’m always grateful for every opportunity and person I meet <3

How do you define dedication?

The act of being persistent, consistent, and making sacrifices to reach ones goal.

Complete the sentence.

I am consistent because I love to show myself I can achieve anything! Dream. Believe. Achieve πŸ˜€

What advice would you have for those that want to become a model?



Im so happy for you Sam!! The world has no idea how much they are going to fall in love with you! You are the real deal!

Thank you for sharing with us! Keep up the Amazing Work!

Please be sure to follow Samantha on Ig: @atomicblondemodel


The journey to success will always and forever be the best part, so enjoy the road your on and never give up on yourself!


I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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