Reshape Your Thoughts – Give Yourself a Second Chance

Time after time its easy to find ourselves giving others a second chance. A second chance at love or a second chance at friendship, etc. We give and we give and we give. But when we need to give ourselves a second chance,… we doubt, we over think or we’re hesitant.

Today I want to remind you that you deserve a second chance. Its time to reshape our thoughts, write down the pros and cons and find a new way to our goals. You are not the outcome of your plans, you are the character of the actions that it took you to build your plan. Actions build character that is required to properly execute ideas.

Giving ourselves a second chance is a life long assignment. We will never stop needing a second chance. Its important to know that life is always opening and closing doors, therefore second chances are a constant requirement that we must give to ourselves.

If we choose not to give ourselves a second chance then we are giving up on life. Giving into the belief that we are not capable of making or dreams come true. We can’t allow giving up to be an option. We are more than capable of making our dreams come true.

Here are a few actions I take to reshape my thoughts and how I give myself a second chance.

Take a break.
– An overworked mind will never create the best results. Walk away for a few days and allow your thoughts to regroup.

Acknowledge what went wrong.
– What could you have done better, what needed more preparation?

Research other options.
– Research will always be our best friend. Look into ways to take a different direction.

Take a look at other peoples blueprint.
– Everyone has a blueprint. Look at how others achieved what you want and see if their tools work for you.

Acknowledge what went right.
– Don’t let the bad outweigh the good. Make sure to keep the good up and use whats working to your benefit.

These actions build my confidence back up and allow me to give myself a second chance.

Nobody is expected to be perfect. Nobody is expected to get it right on the first try, second try or even 20th try. But if you never give up, then you can never fail.

The journey to success will always and forever be the best part, so enjoy the road your on and never give up on yourself!



I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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  • Reply Maurita Lyda October 19, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    I enjoyed your post! God bless you!

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