New Roads, Same Purpose – Intuition.LA Featuring Alexandria Greenwood

Are you on the cusp of giving your dream another try?

If that’s you, then you are at the right place at the right time! Last year Alexandria Greenwood shared with us how she was giving her dream another try, and today we have the opportunity to follow up with her on how it’s going.

Alexandria Greenwood is the owner of Intuition.LA, an online clothing and accessory boutique. A year ago when we spoke to Alexandria Greenwood she had just opened her online boutique, today she is preparing to expand her store into the South Bay Galleria mall in California!

Ms. Greenwood has been very transparent on her journey to get to this moment in life. She has overcome financial difficulties, became a philanthropist, learned how to juggle her time, and was very patient.

All along Alexandria knew that owning a boutique was part of her purpose, and today we get another inside look at the lessons she has learned by giving her dream another try.


What has made the biggest difference with your current store compared to your previous online store and why?

Well, I still have the both but the biggest change has been to having to be somewhere daily. I was so free before, it’s scary because even when I had my job I never had times to be there. So that was the biggest change.

What made you want to open a store front and why?

I just out grew my home. There was too much!

How has chasing your dream affected your perspective on life?

That literally anything can happen if you pray and work your ass off!

What has been the biggest lesson you had to learn since starting Intuition.LA?

How to forgive or not take things so personal. I don’t trust, or forgive easy. In business you have to do both. I am growing through that, which can be hard. I pray. I literally have to focus everyday to let things go. It’s so hard for me, it’s a daily exercise. It’s a daily thing for me. My entire life is personal, I’m passionate and everything I do is purposeful. So this is sooooo new.

How did philanthropy start to play a role with Intuition.LA and why?

From day one I gave 10% away to small businesses started by black women. I guess the more you make the more you can give. I love to give it makes me feel connected to the struggle, and the solution.

How have you seen your life change since you started to choose to be more philanthropic?

I have been giving to charities since I was 19 years old at Nordstrom, I give to 3 charities on a regular basis. I give all the time. When I’m happy, when I’m mad. In the drive thru I pay for the car behind me. I think it’s allowed me to live in a space of gratitude and it’s blessed me and this business.

What advice would you give for anyone that is still thinking about giving their dream another try?

Be ready to work. If you are not ready to work. Stop now.

Any final thoughts or recommendation you want to share?

It’s ok to work for others to help build others dream. That may be where you are able to grow. This is a big time for the girl boss. But this too shall pass, get to know what you want beyond the hashtag!!


I hope that through Alexandria sharing her experiences that you too will give your dream another chance! 

Learn more about Intuition.LA:

IG: @Alexandria.Greenwood

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I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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  • Reply Mimi August 27, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    This was very inspiring I’m starting a blog/ consignment shop hopefully one day I too can pay it forward. Thanks for sharing!

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