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This year has brought many things to my attention, but noting stronger than the idea of living life on my own terms. From the time we get up in the morning till the time we go to bed, we make the decisions on how we live our life. This year I’ve decided that I want to live how I want to live. I want my time, energy and rest to be when I want it to be. 

This new way of thinking has brought new ways of making income into my life, as well as, opened my eyes to what life means to me. Living life on my own terms has also mentally given me a break. A break from trying to be someone I’m not. A break from living out of my skin.

When thinking about living in my own truth, the powerful words of Q. Gibson comes to mind. Q. Gibson is a writer, author & story teller. My favorite quote by Q. Gibson is, “To begin to want yourself entirely, that is healing.”

I had the opportunity to ask Q. Gibson a few questions about living life on our own terms, and she was extremely kind to give us her pure thoughts and insight.

(The following is my interview with Q. Gibson.)

What was the deciding factor that lead you to living life on your own terms?

Honestly, I am not sure. It’s kind of just who I am. As far as taking risks with projects, being myself and doing work that I am passionate about I have always given that priority over the opinions of others. I try to live my life on terms that are representative of who I am to the core and more so reflective of God’s presence in my life. I can’t really say these are my terms but more so the path that was laid out for me, and in that I have come to be able to define myself and the work I do much easier.

What has been some of the pros & cons of living life on your own terms?

Funny, because I wasn’t expecting these questions to really draw me in like this. But since they have here goes.

Physically speaking, the pros of living on my own terms have been able to be at my happiest and most free indulging in writing books, creating art and impacting lives through work that isn’t always deemed traditionally rewarding.  There haven’t been too many cons for me on that end.

Spiritually speaking: The pros have also allowed me to use my gifts and talents to serve others and to generally heal from doing things like writing and creating. There can be many cons to living on “your own” terns if you aren’t doing it for selfless reasons. You can find yourself even more lost and distracted if those terms don’t align with the terms of something much greater than yourself.

How do you define living?

I define living as being at ease and at peace. Mentally, physically, spiritually, financially. When you are at ease in all facets of your life that’s living. This doesn’t mean you have to make a tremendous amount of money or anything that is visibly representative of todays ideas of success. It just means you have to be at peace with who you are, where you are. And that to me is living. Finding success and significance in the everyday. Taking care of you and your family where you are. Living well, simplifying life and creating room to breathe, sometimes even when the whole world is chaos. That’s living.

Please finish the sentence:

Life is: a beautiful, messy and rewarding journey.

Love is: immeasurable.

How has your life changed since choosing to live life on your own terms?

I’ve just been able to see my gifts for what they are and utilize them in a light of servanthood and storytelling. I’ve come to define my work more, my writing, my photography, myself and in that I’ve met so many new people who are also on a journey to living lives that are not on the terms of others.

Were there any results of living life on your own terms that you didn’t expect?

Always. As stated before, there are so many positives to living on terms you choose when they are aligned with the right thing and in my own personal beliefs God’s will. That’s when you see growth in ways you didn’t expect and I am truly a believer in that. We have expectations for ourselves that are still so limited compared to the possibilities, sometimes we can’t see as big of a picture until we begin walking in our purpose. Even with my first book The Flowering Woman I expected to sell a few copies, but as I began to take ownership of my purpose and gifts I started to reach more readers, connect with new people who shared my words, and even just held conversations with women who are all on the same journey.  

What advice would you have for someone struggling to live life on their own terms?

I would give someone struggling with advice on living life on their own terms to not try to do it alone. Align it with a mission, a purpose, align your desires with something outside of yourself. Align your terms with impact on others as opposed to things that only create self-praise. I think that creates many avenues for expanding on living well and outside of the box. Lastly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Go for whatever it is you want once you have the vision in place. Do it with consistency and for all the right reasons, then, become unapologetic in your pursuit of that vision.


Powerful!! Q. Gibson hits nail on the head, and has given us so many quotable moments in this interview. Living life on your own terms isn’t always the easiest decision to make, but once you make the decision, you will wish that you made the decisions a loooong time ago. Its freeing, its selfish and its awesome!


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Thank you Q. Gibson for sharing your views with us!

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