Lead in Courage or Run in Fear feat Ryan McMurray

Do you ever just want to try something new? Is there an idea that you’ve had and you cant seem to shake it? Before you know it, your up late at night planning out the details, and researching the options. Then it hits, can you realllllly do this? Self doubt starts growing and growing, and before you know it this idea is a thing of the past.

Giving a new journey a try can be exciting to some and frightening to others. It takes courage to leap out on faith and start something new. It really doesn’t matter if one feels excited or nervous, because at the end of the day making an idea come alive takes faith. Faith that it will be worth your time, faith that your plan will lead you in the right direction, as well as, awareness that of it doesn’t work out it doesn’t mean you have to quit. We can continue to try as many times as we want to make our dreams come true.

The line of going for it or running away from it happens in seconds, made by one decision. A simple thought that leads with courage or runs in fear.

When it comes to taking a chance on ones idea, I thought id reach out to someone who recently had the make such a big decision.

Today I introduce to you Ryan McMurray, he recently made the decision to move forward with starting a company called Gymspiration which is a comprehensive fitness evaluation program for amateur athletes. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions to get an idea of how he was able to take that leap of faith and turn his idea into a business.


How do you define Gymspiration?
I’m positioning Gymspiration as a society for individuals devoted to fitness/wellness. I want people that engage me for services to feel like a part of a group who are interested in seeing each other improve.

What was the final straw that made you open Gymspiration?
No single epiphany I can point to. Just the daily grind at somebody else’s company wearing on me. I’ve been at my day job for 10+ years doing something I’m not truly interested in. There are things that I enjoy about my work but I wouldn’t be doing it for free. I like helping people set, reach, and surpass their goals and I l enjoy the fitness industry. The hope is that Gymspiration will eventually allow me to focus on that full time.

How do you maximize your time to incorporate Gymspiration?
At this point, I don’t do a very good job of it. I have the luxury of not needing profit right away and I built Gymspiration to be a long term side business with low ongoing overhead. All of my investment was upfront; equipment, web design, graphic design, merchandising, etc. Work/Life balance is of the utmost importance to me so I try not to let many things stress me out. At this point, while I still hold a 9-5 job, I’m just trying to meet people, establish a presence, and gain experience.

What has been the pros and cons of taking your idea to the next level?
It is a source of pride but comes with a lot of work and pressure.

What have you learned about yourself at this early stage of building your idea?
I love branding and merchandising.

Is there anything you could have done better before taking the jump to start Gymspiration?
The only thing I could do is drastically change my life by quitting my full time job and committing 100% to Gymspiration. I’m have a hard time mentally justifying that until I start to see some sort of consistent $$ coming in.

What advice do you have for others that are thinking about taking the jump to start there our business?
Make a plan, stick to timelines, be realistic.

What are you hoping Gymspiration can accomplish?
Fantastic question that I don’t really know I ever considered. I suppose for me it is a means to live a bit more on my own terms. For others, I want Gymspiration to be a motivation to push towards their greatest self. Ultimate long goal would be to have an actual fitness/sport facility that can host league play and/or team practice.


There is so many of us that are doing the daily grind, I hope Ryan can be an example that you too can go for it!

Learn more about Gymspirtion: http://www.gymspiration.club

Also on IG: @Gymspirationorg


I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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