How to Avoid Self Sabotage

We’ve all been there. We’re close to accomplishing a goal or starting a new journey,… and then it happens.

We slip, crash, and it all falls apart. Because of someone else? Nope.

Because of our ourselves. Self Sabotage.

Honestly, sometimes we are in the middle of something, and it becomes overwhelming and we become afraid of the the unknown, so we destroy it.

So how do we avoid from destroying an idea?

Become “still.” Don’t make any moves that envolve this project.

Don’t ask anyone what they think. We are too unsure, and fragile to handle anyones criticism. Bad, good or ugly. Doesn’t matter. Advice is not going to help or direct us, it will only confuse things. We can’t ask the right questions for good advice if we’re unsure of what we are doing.

Don’t prematurely share your idea with the masses. We may not get the response that we thought we would get, and that can make one feel embarrassed and lead to sabotage of an awesome idea.

Being still, and allowing ourself to digest an idea takes time. Its a vulnerable state and we should allow ourself to let the idea sink in. 


I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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