How the Fall, Creates the Rise

When my fashion blog was falling apart. It was hurtful. Three years of creating content to being sued, to no longer having the time or energy to attend fashion shows/ fashion industry events (due to pregnancy).

I was advised not to publish any post while I was being sued… I cried many nights feeling like a part of my heart was missing. I started to feel like I had failed.

I missed going to events, but on the other side I was enjoying my new journey as a mom. I was  starting to wonder If I had just wasted 5 years in an industry that I was no longer going to be apart of…

It was about three months until my case closed. But by the time it closed I was in a peaceful place, and  was enjoying the freedom of no longer writing about fashion. I started to realize that fashion wasn’t what I thought it should be in my life.

This was the start of digging deeper into my purpose. I started to miss blogging, but I didn’t want to write about fashion.

I thought my fashion blog ending was the end of me,… but I realized it was the RISE.


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