Fighting for Our Purpose Feat. Alexandria Greenwood

The one thing I know for sure is that we can’t hide or run from our purpose. No matter how hard we try, life will always bring us full circle to our purpose.  

I believe this happens because each step in our lives are connected.

Some of us will find a new way to achieve our purpose, some of us will give up and some of us will keep doing the same actions and receiving the same outcome.

Alexandria Greenwood, the owner of Intuition.LA, recently opened up to us about how she responded to facing the difficult decision of closing and reopening her online jewelry store.

Why did you close your first online store?
Alexandria : I was scared. I lost my reg job and was fearful of going under.

What made you open another online store?
Alexandria: I could never let the dream go, it stayed with me and became stronger! I had to.

What obstacles do you face as on online jewelry store?
Alexandria: Marketing especially in this time. Everybody with 5k opens a store, but everyone doesn’t knows what they’re talking about.

Do you believe your living your purpose?
Alexandria: Yes I believe I am living my authentic life. Fashion jewelry/Accessories are really my heart. I love clothing but jewelry and accessories make me happy. I know a lot of women either over do it or don’t get it! I want to spread the love! Teach women to be ok with them.

What personal characteristics did you gain by going through the process of closing and re-opening an online jewelry store?
Alexandria:  Humility and patience. My biggest realization is that I really love it. I pray to be able to just work and live, but my dream stayed! My dream grew.

What advice would you have for anyone opening an online store?                      Alexandria: Make sure you love it! Make sure you want it. Be ready to fight!

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The want to give up is part of the process. We are human.

We must remind ourselves that we rather fight for our dreams than to live wondering what would have happen if we chased our dreams.


I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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