• 5 Ways to Overcome “New Journey” Anxiety

    I personally loooove starting new journeys, but they always start with a certain level of anxiety. I find myself wondering what will others think and will I be good at it. Getting from thinking about a new journey to actually accepting the new journey is a process.

    This is how I overcome the anxiety.

    1. If nobody was watching, would you still want to do it? In this world of social media, everyone is sharing every step of there day. So, Its Important to know that you are taking this step for yourself and no one else.
    2. Why? Why do you want to do this? Figuring out the real truth of why you want to do  something can save you from a serious heartbreak. For example. Some people want to be “actors” but in reality they just want to be famous. If that person realizes fame is what they are really after, then they can acknowledge that being an actor is a tool, and that there are more options to becoming famous then just being an actor. Therefore opening up there different options. Helping them to get to there real goal.
    3. What is the big picture? Knowing where you want this goal to lead you. Identifying how this goal will better you or possibly hurt you. Understanding the options of where this journey can take you from the good, bad and the ugly.
    4. How will it effect your every day life? Will this journey cause you to make a big change in your daily life? Will it interrupt your current commitments or goals?
    5. Does this new journey help you to get closer to who you want to become? We all have the person inside of us we dream of becoming, for some of us that idea is still evolving. But do you think this new journey is in the right direction?

    These are the questions I ask myself. Once I honestly answer them to myself, I no longer have anxiety because I feel more confident about why I am choosing to take a chance at a new journey. Every vision is not meant to become a journey. Some visions are just an idea to help open your mind. And every vision has a time line, just because one may not be ready to take the journey now, doesn’t mean one wouldn’t be ready in a 6 months or a year.

    Anxiety doesn’t feel good, but it’s an emotion that we can overcome through confidence.

    Whats one way you overcome anxiety when thinking about a new journey?


    I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential.

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  • How the Fall, Creates the Rise

    When my fashion blog was falling apart. It was hurtful. Three years of creating content to being sued, to no longer having the time or energy to attend fashion shows/ fashion industry events (due to pregnancy).

    I was advised not to publish any post while I was being sued… I cried many nights feeling like a part of my heart was missing. I started to feel like I had failed.

    I missed going to events, but on the other side I was enjoying my new journey as a mom. I was  starting to wonder If I had just wasted 5 years in an industry that I was no longer going to be apart of…

    It was about three months until my case closed. But by the time it closed I was in a peaceful place, and  was enjoying the freedom of no longer writing about fashion. I started to realize that fashion wasn’t what I thought it should be in my life.

    This was the start of digging deeper into my purpose. I started to miss blogging, but I didn’t want to write about fashion.

    I thought my fashion blog ending was the end of me,… but I realized it was the RISE.


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