8 Fun Affordable Ways to Recharge

There is nothing worst than feeling burned out and completely over our goals. In these moments its easy to lose sight of our dreams. If we learn how to recharge ourselves, then there will be less down time taken away from our goals. I recommend scheduling in time to recharge before we get to the point where we feel “over it”.

Taking a break to recharge allows us to clear our mind and refocus. This tool has helped me to stay inspired and continue personal journeys.

Here are some fun affordable ways to recharge!

1. Spa Amenities – You can have access to all of the spas amenities without getting any treatments. I personally like going to Glen Ivy. Prices start at $35-$55 depending on the time of day and season.

2. Pedicure – Nothing like getting your nails done! Its easy to want to get the most expensive package, but honestly the foot rub is by far the best part! Pay the extra $5 and walk out feeling brand new! Prices generally starting around $20.

3. Lunch with a good friend – A good friend always knows how to get you back on your feet. They are good reminders of how far you have come, and are able to easily boost your confidence.

4.  An inspirational movie – Scroll through Netflix for a pick me up! I personally become inspired by movies that are based on a true story or a Docu Series.

5. Go for a hike – Walking is obviously a form of working out, but there is something about walking through nature. Hearing the birds sing and the wind blow has a way of calming the soul and clearing the mind. 

6. Weekend getaway with friends – Yes, split the hotel bills, stay up all night reminiscing, hang out at the pool and of course hit the hotel brunch on Sunday morning! Perfection!

7. YouTube Motivation – Type in Motivation on YouTube and TADA! You have a variety of videos to choose from to help inspire and motivate you. A quick recharge!

8. A Book – I just love falling into a book based on someones real life. Reading how their life unfold and the ups and downs can be so motivating! Amazon has great prices on books!

It’s a lot cheaper and less time consuming if we plan our recharge. So, instead of hitting the ground floor and trying to mentally rebuild, use your time wisely! Don’t allow yourself to get burned out!

Stay Motivated!

I hope this post inspires you to be the best you can be!


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