7 Steps to No Longer Feeling Behind in Life

Most people are following the “American Dream” and not their own dream. Society loves to tell us, “Go to college after high school,” or “Buy a home,” and “Retire early.” The list goes on and on with how we are “suppose” to live our lives.

Those that don’t stick to what society says often feel “behind.” I think the pressure is felt more then ever due to social media.

The truth is that the “American Dream” is just one of many ways to live our life.

Here are 7 steps to no longer feeling “behind” in life.

1. Life plan: Realize that your life plan is just that, your life plan. We can only progress and grow the best way that’s meant for our life. For example: College isn’t for everybody, and some life plans don’t require college and some do. Taking ownership over your own wants and dreams and realizing it’s your choice. This is the first step to not feeling behind. It eliminates us running the rat race, and allows us to acknowledge our own pace.

2. Happiness: Define what Happiness means to you. For most people once happiness is defined they have an easier time moving forward with creating a life plan that they consider successful.

3. Big Picture: Write down what you believe would make your life feel complete. Be aware of your overall vision in life. Your lifestyle.

4. Plan: Create a plan that fits to your big picture. Create the steps that will lead to your big picture. Map it out, complete a daily to do list. Know the details of what it will take. Look at the plan on paper and be honest about the amount of time it will take to get there.

5. Keep it to yourself: Let’s be honest, with so many people following the “American Dream,” It’s rare to find people that are walking their own path. Be aware that some people won’t be open to an idea of not living the social norm. Your vision is yours, keep it close to your heart.

6. Change of plans: We grow, plans can change. Don’t stress over it, figure out a new way to make life work for you.

7. Reminder: The fight to live your dream will come with ups & downs, remind yourself why you’re doing it. The reminder will become the backbone of your strength.

Let’s face it!!! Life is so much more fun when we live it on our own terms. Go for it! Dream big & plan according!


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