5 Ways to Know When Its Time to “Close a Door”

They say, “When one door closes, another door opens,” but how do we know when to close the door? Oprah Winfrey says life gives us signs when its time to move forward, and that its up to us to be aware of the signs.

Oprah has been quoted saying, “First life hits us with a small rock, then a bigger rock, and then a wall.” The wall is the moment most of us notice the problem, but by then the problem knocks us off our feet.

Here are 5 Ways to Know When its Time to “Close a Door”:

1. Trust the Gut: We all have that inner voice directing our lives. The better we are able to listen to our gut instincts, the better we can become more aware.

2. Morals: Anytime something is causing us to put our personal morals & values to the test, then its time to question its existence in our lives.

3. Why: If we don’t know why were doing it. Everything action has a reason, and if we don’t understand our why, then we can’t direct our actions properly.

4. Future: Everyone has big picture of how they want their life to be. If our current actions will not help improve our future, then we must re-think the action.

5. Best Friend: Last, but definitely not least, we can always count on our true best friends to tell us the truth, (even if it’s not requested). Best friends love us some much that they take the time to bring things to our attention.

Closing doors in our lives help us stay on track. It’s important to listen to the signs that life gives us so we can fulfill and better understand our purpose.


I hope that sharing my experiences and sharing your experiences that we both grow to reach our full potential!

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