10 Tips on How to Deal with Toxic People

The interesting thing about toxic people is that they’re usually not aware that they’re toxic. They’re living their lives day to day with no idea how toxic they truly are. Therefore, when it comes to working or participating in friendships with toxic people, one must  always be aware that the person doesn’t know they are toxic, before one makes any decisions regarding the relationship.

I don’t recommend being in a toxic relationship, but in some cases there are no ways to get around it. The work environment or group projects at school are great examples of situations where we might have to deal with toxic people.

Always remember that toxic people are toxic for a reason. Don’t let there toxins rub off on you, and remind yourself that sometimes less is more.

Here are 10 Tips to deal with toxic people.

  1. Don’t take anything a toxic person says personal. 
  2. Be sensitive to the fact that they have issues that they are working on.
  3. Birds of a feather flock together. Keep a healthy distance.
  4. Know your place. Some toxic people want to simply be heard and some want advice. Know the difference so you don’t get stuck in a sticky situation.
  5. Clear communication.
  6. Work together when Necessary. 
  7. Be cautious with your personal information. Over sharing can come back to bite you.
  8. Set boundaries. It’s understandable that they maybe struggling, but don’t allow them to walk all over you.
  9. Give it Time. Some people are having a toxic moment and some people are toxic for life.
  10. Know when to say enough is enough and find a way out of the situation.

I hope this list is helpful! Feel free to comment on how you deal with toxic people.


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